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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Moment Not Captured

As the women lay sleeping in their shelter, our taste for adventure grew as we bathed in moonlight

Though only one among us truly knew the way we all felt pulled in the right direction, moving surreptitiously down paths as not to disturb those who rested all around.

As we reached the clearing we gazed in awe at the pure white light casting long and narrow shadows across the sand

The light encompassed the gently rippling water, causing patches of glimmering shattered glass to dance across the lake

The air was fresh and cool with only a slight scent of forming dew

As we began to trek along the edge in search of the special place found earlier we all felt the need to remove our shirts, the light of the moon felt magical on our skin

The further we traveled across the edge above the shore the more beauty we could see out across the water as the moonlight danced

We finally stopped realizing we had long passed the place we had searched for, and stumbled across one far nicer

As we sat on the edge with our legs hanging down towards the shore we enjoyed the sounds of nothing, but water gently moving, and a distant cricket, on occasion interjected by a fish jumping and coming back down with a splash

I sat I though how our situation seemed like a scene from a movie, which people would remark snarkily on how no one ever enjoys a scene that perfect.

I first wished I had brought my camera but realized there are some moments which are best left not captured, only retold.

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Corpse Capers

I don't think I have many irrational fears. The only one I really have is a fear of dead bodies, which is strange, When you consider a dead guy is the least capable of hurting you. I'm not really sure why I have this fear, but It's there. With that pretext out of the way I can begin my story. Yesterday while out walking I was really wanting to take some cool shots. I decided I could shoot some fun stuff under this overpass near my house.

I knew sometimes homeless people from downtown would bus out and sleep under there because it was safer. And for some reason because of my silly fear this made me imagine that someone could have come to spend the the night down there in the winter, froze to death and not been found. I shrugged the idea off and continued trying to get some cool angles.

All was going well when I decided to get some shots under the bridge. I took some pictures then got really freaked out when I looked through them because in the picture, and from where I was, this really looked like a dead guy.
I tried really hard to convince myself it was just a heap of garbage, but I couldn't. I decided I had to check it out, since the police should really know if there is a dead guy down there. There was no way I was going to crawl all the way across under there, so I went up on top of the overpass and crossed the road. I was very nervous to go down the other side, but I went for it, and decided to take a video, because I figured you deserved to hear me scream like a girl and start crying if I did indeed find a corpse. Please excuse the shakiness, swearing, and acting like an idiot in this video, I was really freaked out.

You can see a jump in the footage as I turn the corner because i was convinced I was going to find this guy staring at me.
That's probably why I had a dream last night involving being attacked by the guy above.
So, after all It was just some of clothes sitting there which freaked me out...yeah I'm pretty lame. Oh well at least I faced my fear instead of running off and leaving some poor souls remains to rot under a bridge.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thanks, Holly

I was taking lots of pictures today, when a friend of mine; Holly came by. I showed her my weird artsy shots I had taken and she jokingly pointed to a rusty pipe against a brick wall and said, "Here, you should be taking pictures of this. Show off the beauty in this pipe." She left as I just stared at the pipe. I finally got this shot looking down from above it which I think shows it's beauty off accurately. (click for larger view to see the great details.)

From The Belly of the Beast

Here I sit, in the heart of the facility. I'm typing this on an outdated unit, and am finding it hard to use the keyboard. I feel like the supervisor of this chamber is breathing down my neck as this is not my designated area as I am supposed to have been released for the day after last rotation.

I stayed however because there are strangers in my house, so I can not go here, and BenJamin is designated to this chamber so we can keep each other company.

Now I have explained these circumstances you can perhaps better understand the feel of the whole day. I cold not sleep last night. It was very frustrating, I awoke late and had did not arrive at the facility until second rotation.

When I spoke to my good friend Sasookie, he informed me he was feeling somewhat melancholy, which set me off slightly as his bright cheery attitude usually helps me through my rotations. I tried to help him out but the supervisor proved to be getting more intent on keeping us working as examinations and the final termination neared. I was however able to talk to him more while maneuvering the tunnels between rotations. I think he will be alright.

It has been a somewhat grueling day which is nearing an end I will be glad to finally arrive home once the strangers have gone.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Come join me. It's nice back here.

This is my first semi interesting photo of the day. I took this today at the facility. I thought it was appropriate, as the path to the door is ominous yet strangely inviting. So please, walk down the hall and open the door, Were in for some fun.

Welcome to my Nightmare (naww it's actually pretty fun)

Here it is, I've started a blog. I've had other blogs, on sites I'm secretly associated with, but those were just to announce updates and such. This is the blog I've been truly wanting to start.

So, I suppose It's time I tell you a little about me. My name is Ashly. I am male, but I almost no one calls me ash or any other attempted masculinisations of my name. It's a unisex name and though mostly females go by it I am comfortable in going by my given name. I am an independent film maker mostly, but I dabble in photography and performance arts. I don't believe I'm too cocky, but I'll dare say I think of myself as fairly intelligent, and kind. This blog however, depending on my feeling about the topic, may bring out different sides of me.

For those of you wondering what the content of this blog will be, one thing I can mostly guarantee you everyday is an at least semi interesting photograph I took recently. This is not however a strictly photo blog, I will be posting plenty of rants, and view points on events and situations. Not to mention plenty of stories and if I'm feeling frisky maybe even Vlog entries. The kind of topics will be quite eclectic, I will most likely end up talking about movies a lot. There will be plenty of other fun stuff I come across which I deem worthy of this page.

I've gone over who I am and what kind of posts I'll be making, but I guess it's time I explain some of my subject matter. I know for a fact that my mother, and some other people I know closely will be reading this blog. However, no offense to you good folks I will not be writing to you as my main audience. To allow myself the most freedom and least censorship, I will assume my target audience to be a hoard of violent drunken space pirates on crack. This doesn't mean I'll be rambling on about bitches and hoes and the like. I only mean that I can be very dark, or violent or aggressively opinionated at times when I write, which my readers will have to deal with. Also don't fall off your chair if I throw a "shit","fuck", or even a "cunt" into my writing sometimes, as I may find it necessary to convey my point.

Well that turned out to be a good sized summary, I'll end it quickly by saying please comment! Seeing interest will support me in updating as regularly as I hope to. I look forward to bringing you my world,