Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, it's 3:30AM the average time I've been getting to sleep recently is around 5:30-6. I get into bed around 4:30 but it's around its takes an hour or more to sleep. Too much stress that I'm not doing what I should be, or too much excitement for upcoming things I never end up doing. I can't let myself keep this up though, so now when I'm up this late I'll make a blog entry so I can at least feel like I'm doing something. I guess was my post for the now, so I'm back to watching old poorly ripped Kids in the Hall sketches on youtube.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

The End of My World.

Relax, This post isn't nearly as emo/whiny as the title makes it sound. It's just relevant right now in a strange way. I remember a while back, In the 90's when "The end of the world as we know it" by REM was constantly playing on the radio.

I was pretty young at the time, and though i liked the song I took it as the song literally being about planet earth exploding or the like. Some how this concept/concern of mine was mentioned to someone older.

They explained that the song could alternatively be conceived as someones reality changing drastically, the example they gave was someone I knew who was moving far from where they lived into a very different town. They also went from being a crazy bachelor in a cool apartment to moving in with a family in a townhouse.

As young as I was I understood this well, and have always remembered it. Specifically whenever I saw someone in a situation where they had to make a move into a very different environment.
I've moved a few times since then, but always to other similar houses in the same small suburb.
Now however, It's finally happened.

My world has ended. I sit typing this downtown In a very different funky house with new people. All my friends I grew up with and places I've come to know are back in my old little suburb. This is it. It's the end of my world. and just as REM said: I feel fine. I've made a big change, I was scared leading up to it but now that it happened I can feel it's for the best.

I had alot of great times in the old world. There have also been parts of my life recently I have not been happy with.
So, I figure if my world has ended then a new one is starting, (hopefully I'm not just floating in space.) I want this world to be even better. I want to this by making myself better, better to my own perception not to that of others, something I've been talking about for a long time.

A friend of mine recently made me aware of a awesome new blog called Shades of Zander.
He has been talking about a similar self improvement concept, and he did a fun exercise of making a list of things to do before he dies, I've been wanting to do this for a long time so I'm just going to do it. Most things in the following list are actual goals others I could possibly do without.

Before I, Ashly Colton Die I Hope To:

-Go to, among other places Mexico
-Perform a stand-up comedy routine
-Find a true kindred spirit
-See Bigfoot again ( and try to get to know him)
-Feel I have truly helped someone, and made large positive change in their life.
-Scuba dive
-High cliff dive
-Sky dive
-Do more extensive hiking including to here.
-Experience sensory deprivation
-Threesome with Japanese twins
-Have a feature film played in a theatre
-Have a feature released to DVD
-Learn to juggle, Including contact, hat, and box juggling.
-Fly a plane
-Crash a plane
-Crash a car
-Jump a car (hopefully not related to the item above)
-Ride/own a motorcycle
-Spend my life with someone

I could go on forever but I'm mostly thinking of fun crazy stuff so I'll stop for now. Lets finish this off with something completely cheesily inspiring. (From one of my new favourite movies "Hotrod")