Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Movie Review, Finally: Pineapple Express

In my little spiel about what this site would deliver I mentioned movie reviews, which I have yet to do. So I figure I'll tell you something about the new film much anticipated by me: Pineapple Express. I stumbled across a trailer to this movie months ago and was very excited to see what looked like a movie which perfectly blended my three favorite genres; Comedy, Action, and Crime. Even its IMDB page lists all three as it's primary genres. So in the last few months I think I got myself a little too excited. I watched every trailer, commercial and interview. Read every article, and scoured the net for leaked clips. So now exactly 12 hours from finally seeing it, this is what it came down to. I got my expectations too high. Not that it wasn't as good as I expected, it perhaps was better. However, I spent too long trying to Piece together how the movie would go, and what the style would be like. I figured it would be exactly the way I would make this type of movie, which it wasn't, cause they Aren't me. Thinking it over I've realized it was also largely a stoner movie, and especially since I happened to be going to the 4:20 pm showing I was probably one of the only sober audience members. The jokes were still funny when not high, but there were some moments they just seemed to be saying "Look we're high too!". I would definitely recommend anyone see this movie high or not, so long as they like wacky comedy, exciting action, and some hearty violence. Check out this trailer if you haven't seen one, but dont go nuts to find other like me.

I almost went to bed then thought it would be pretty sweet if I put my review out at 4:20 it being a stoner movie and all.