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Snow Day?

Probably Enlightened or Something.

I'm different now. It's strange. I getting pretty good at putting things in perspective, handling my stress (sometimes) I am however not so good at keeping this blog updated. The whole bigfoot thing I started documenting i kind of just stopped, I did complete the costume and it was amazing. I just unfortunately did not document the process. Oh well, moving on. As i said I'm probably enlightened and such you know, able to see things differently realize the fluidity of reality etc... More importantly I've sort of started to/am thinking of working on a novel like thing. I will write it all as one chunk but over time release over time on another blog which remains at a secret location. I've thought this dozens of times but I genuinely think I'm going to start updating semi really. Well this has been a boring update post so I better think of something fun and exciting to say... OK, here's an anecdote which I found quite funny:
The other day I was walking down the street, it was snowing hard and it was the kind of snow which sticks to you all over then melts so you get completely soaked and cold. I was walking to a bus stop and the only way there was a slushy sidewalk on the side of a very busy road. I had to run through this retched slush and snow, while describing the process on my phone somehow, I'm not sure how that happened. Anyway, by the time the bus came I was cold and soaked and tired. As I got on the bus I was happy to see half a dozen or so free seats, I walked to the nearest one and saw the person had their small bad on the seat next to them. They gave me a very evil scowl when I gestured my desire to sit next to them. I didn't feel like sitting next to someone who was going to be suck a raging dick but then discovered most of the other people with open seats had small backpacks which they could in no way be bothered to move. I was on a bus of throbbing raging dicks I thought, until finally I was offered a spot next to someone who was carrying a huge hockey bag. It was humorous...
That's not a very funny anecdote. huh...though I could do better. Oh well fuck it. fine I'm just going to post a cool picture i took now as a separate post cause i do that.