Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bigfoot-Part 2

Well it's part two of my Bigfoot adventures which is my first shopping scores! My first stop on the list was value village was to look for cheap fur coat to make the main suit, which I figure would be cheaper than a fake fur fabric. They had several nice coats that could work but none for under 50 dollars! That's way to much for me, but I did find a crazy animatronic monkey there, as well as some kind of huge blaster gun toy which I plan to make into a prop or sculpture. From there I went to a crazy temporary Halloween store and got some extra fake fur to apply to my face.

At the Halloween store I also found a great gorilla mask and gloves which I will modify to suit the costume. That was the end of shopping day one. a pretty good haul I would say.

The next day it was off to fabric land. I found a few fur fabrics that could work but they were all around 40 dollars a yard, and I needed several yards! A little discouraged I looked to the bargain bin finding two perfect faux fur throws, which where more than enough fabric for around the price of one yard of the fake fur fabric.

I've got a great start on my materials, There's not much left to find now and then construction can begin. As soon as I figure out how to make a pattern for the suit that will fit me, And I need to figure out how to sew.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bigfoot-Part 1

Well, the leaves have begun to fall and scurry across the pavement in the wind, the cool musty autumn air has moved in, which means Halloween is not far away. I get very excited for Halloween every year and tend to go fairly all-out on my costume. I've formulated a theory just recently which is that the costume you choose for Halloween reflects what you see yourself having been like over the course of the year. For example, a few years back I went through some difficult times, but Ii made it through, I felt strong proud, and fearless. That year (without considering why) I dressed up as Ash from Evil Dead. For those of you not familiar with Evil Dead, Ash is a normal guy, who has the love of his life and all of his friends killed before him by ancient evil demons, His hand is then infected by evil, he self amputates it, with a chainsaw, then attaches the chainsaw to his stump and kills the evil demons. This year a friend of mine who is often somewhat cocky is planning a Tony Stark costume. Apparently he sees himself as a prodigal ladies man capable of saving the world. Before I figured out this idea of costumes reflecting self image, I already had my mind completely set on being Bigfoot this Halloween. So, according to my own theory, I see myself as a huge hairy ape that nobody believes in.